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bydschramm, June 7, 2016
check_emc_clariion.pl maintained by BuddhaBob74
The plugin command "cache" doesn't seem to work (any more?) with VNX 5200: "Error: getcache command failed"

As a quick hack, I added an option
'T=s' => \$opt_vnx_type,
in the global section and a variable/condition in the sub check_cache:
> my $naviclicmd = "getcache";
> if ($opt_vnx_type =~ m/VNX5200/i) { $naviclicmd = "cache -sp -info"; }
> open (NAVICLIOUT ,"$NAVICLI_CMD -h $opt_host $naviclicmd |");

Now we can use it with both VNX types 5200 and 5300.