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bydrekhkraft, April 8, 2020
Monitor DB2 with Nagios
Hi Angoca,

Thank you for these scripts,I have a question regarding the check_log_usage plugin.
when i run this
./check_log_usage -i /files/db2/db2inst1 -d db
i get
The transaction log utilization is OK.|'Log_qty_used'=53214;278528;1916928;0;3555328
The top for the moment has been 14086655.|'Max_used'=14086655

but when i specify the warning and critical levels to test a critical message it does not seem to work
./check_log_usage -i /files/db2/db2inst1 -d db -w 10 -c 5

Usage: check_log_usage { -i instanceHomeDirectory -d databaseName [-c][-f][-w][-K] | -h
| -V } [-T][-v]
Warning threshold should be less than critical threshold.
Threshold should be greater than 0.
Note: The test was not executed.|

If you could be so kind and let know what i am missing, I would greatly appreciate it.