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bydozla, March 18, 2015
Very powerful plugin, no more messing around with NSClient++, just set it up and Monitor machines from XP to Server2012.

Just one little thing for users from other countries, check for the installation language, nonetheless I would recommend using english language, in case your server is installed in e.g. german, review some sql querys, as some parameters on the server might be in german.

Example: In check_wmi_plus/check_wmi_plus.d/check_sql.ini

#query=SELECT * FROM Win32_PerfFormattedData_MSSQLSERVER_SQLServerWaitStatistics where Name = "Average wait time (ms)"
query=SELECT * FROM Win32_PerfFormattedData_MSSQLSERVER_SQLServerWaitStatistics where Name = "Durchschnittliche Wartezeit (ms)"
bydozla, October 6, 2014
Works like a charm
bydozla, September 3, 2014

added a check for Runtime againt Warning / Critical Values. Noticed that one of our UPS had a remaining runtime of 6! Minutes, but the Replacement Flag for the battery was not set.

case "runtime" {
my $ups_runtime_ticks = query_oid($oid_runtimeleft);
my $ups_runtime_mins = int($ups_runtime_ticks / 100 / 60);
my $perf_data = "|'Runtime Remaining'=$ups_runtime_mins,$warning_threshold,$critical_threshold;;";

if ($ups_runtime_mins > $warning_threshold) {
print "OK, (Runtime remaining: $ups_runtime_mins minutes)$perf_data\n";
exit $OKAY;
} elsif ($ups_runtime_mins > $critical_threshold) {
print "Warning, (Runtime remaining: $ups_runtime_mins minutes)$perf_data\n";
exit $WARNING;
} else {
print "Critical, (Runtime remaining: $ups_runtime_mins minutes)$perf_data\n";

#print "MINUTES: $ups_runtime_minutes\n";
#exit $OKAY;

Host File:

define service{
use local-service ; Name of service template to use
service_description RUNTIME
check_command check_apc!runtime -w 20 -c 10