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bydmitry.sherman, October 22, 2010
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first of all you gotta download the linux storage manager client. I grabbed it from my DS storage DVD i got with my DS3300.
If you're running ubuntu/debian you will need those packages:
apt-get install rpm sun-java6-jre

after you get the disk content, launch the bin file:
./SMIA-LINUX-10.60.A5.14.bin it will extract the needed files to /opt/IBM_DS/
afterwards use the rpm extract command from /opt/IBM_DS:
rpm2cpio SMclient.rpm | cpio -vid
next, move the client folder from /opt/IBM_DS/opt/IBM_DS/client to just /opt/IBM_DS/client
otherwise you can just extract the rpm from root (/) and it will put the files where they should be.
anyway after you finish, edit: client/SMcli like this:
and save it.
Now you ready, the rest are as described in the readme or here in this page.

I have one question, the plugin displays in nagios status information only this: "OK STORAGE SUBSYSTEM TOTALS"
but when i launch the check manually from the shell i also see the values followed by the pipe:
OK STORAGE SUBSYSTEM TOTALS | 'Current B/second'=10252288 'Current IO/second'=139;150;500

it would be great also to bring those values to the nagios web console so you know where you stay and learn better your system.
Owner's reply

Yes, you are right. I saw that few days after uploading the plugin, and modified it on my nagios server but failed to upload the new version because I forgot my user and / or password for this forum :D.