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bydemr, October 3, 2017
I had the same issue:

check_IBM_performance_v1.5.2 -i -j
CRITICAL No corresponding data has been found, please check name of the controller/lun
Debugging data:
/opt/IBM_DS/client/SMcli -c "set session performanceMonitorInterval=20 performanceMonitorIterations=1; show allLogicalDrives performanceStats;"
Performing syntax check...

Syntax check complete.

Executing script...

Could not communicate with the controllers of Storage Subsystem DS4700_BuenosAires to complete this request.

Possible causes include network or connection problems, controller problems or no power to the host or storage subsystem. Check these possible causes and then retry the operation. If you suspect a controller problem, use the Recovery Guru to resolve the problem.
The command at line 1 that caused the error is:

show allLogicalDrives performanceStats;

Script execution halted due to error.

SMcli failed.

The problem was in an failing Ethernet cable. After I changed it, the problem was resolved.
bydemr, June 29, 2017
This works great.
It would be nice if it could check wireless sensor as well.