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bydedri, November 27, 2012
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Very good script. Thank you.
Further to the topic started from Deep911, the below error in my storagesubsystem also cannot be found and plugin gave me the output (null).

The following failures have been found:
Battery Canister Nearing Expiration
Storage Subsystem: MyCOmpany
Component reporting problem: Battery
Status: Near expiration
Location: Controller enclosure 85, Controller in Slot A
Smart battery: Yes
Component requiring service: Controller A
Service action (removal) allowed: No
Service action LED on component: No

Script execution complete.

SMcli completed successfully.

The strange is that the output is nothing (null), and not what is written in the code:
echo "Unkown response from SMcli: " $RESULT ""
echo "UNKNOWN"
Owner's reply

Thanks for pointing that out. I missed a wildcard entry in the nested "case"-statement. In Version 1.5 I added both, correct reporting for the battery expiration and a "unknown" result for all messages I didn't think of.