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byddobre, September 9, 2011
3 of 8 people found this review helpful
I'm trying to use nconf for 271 host monitoring. Importing nagios existing conf was not so easy, specially with "parents" property -- parent hosts must be defined first.

I had a big problem because used to assign services to hostgroups and this is not possible through nconf default install.

Found a workaround: define a new attribute to for class service.
- go to Attributes
- add "hostgroups" attribute:
+ Nagios-specific attribute name: hostgroups
+ friendly name (will be shown in GUI): Hostgroups
+ description, example or help-text:
+ attribute belongs to class: service
+ choose attribute datatype: assign_many
+ items of class to be assigned: hostgroup
+ list of possible values (separated by "::"):
+ attribute is mandatory?: no
+ attribute is visible?: yes
+ write attribute to configuration?: yes
+ ordering: 4
+ naming attribute?: no

However, the service is still assigned to a host and not sure about "collateral damage".

Anyway, this is the power and flexibility of nconf: use a dynamic structure.