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Many thanks for this plugin. Needed one or two small fixes but have now got this working perfectly with some TS-412s, please find below my suggested changes;

In plugin
Line 21 - "tmphd2, tmlhd3 tmphd4," should read "tmphd2, tmphd3, tmphd4,"
# DISKUSAGE requires bc (e.g. apt-get install bc)
Lines 183, 187 - use of -le should be -ge
Lines 200, 204, 208 - references to $TEMPHD4 should be $TEMPHD

In example config
Line 24 - "check_command check_qnap!freeram!20!5" should read "check_command check_qnap!freeram!80!95"
Line 90 - "check_command check_qnap!diskused!10!5" should read "check_command check_qnap!diskused!90!95"