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byd_preston215, October 18, 2010
When running the check_yum plugin on Fedora 13 machines, there is a good chance you will come up with this error:

YUM WARNING: Cannot find summary line in yum output. Please make sure you have upgraded to the latest version of this plugin. If the problem persists, please contact the author for a fix

Luckily there is a simple reason for this. The good folks at Fedora just decided to change some words around in the summary output. However, this throws the plugin for a loop since it's looking for specfic text to indicate the summary output (and determine what updates are potentially available). Solution for this is to just change the text so that it matches the summary output of yum on Fedora 13 servers:

On line 323 of the check_yum plugin:

Replace this text:

No packages needed, for security, \d+ available

With this:

No packages needed for security; \d+ packages available