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Hi there,
than you for the script

I have this output with GS748TS http://pastebin.com/6xePiCqn

Could you add in the script to count the "Slot" if doesn't find the "Unit"

thank you again
byclatramp, November 23, 2015
Good plugin
thanks you for sharing
PS: Is missing the Drum checking on version 4
byclatramp, July 22, 2015
thanks for this

sometime I get a email with this
Notification Type: PROBLEM

Additional Info:

(Service Check Timed Out)

How can I fix that ?

Owner's reply

Hmm maybe both connections are down?
Else just run the script from command line and see what it returns.

Also don't rely on icanhazip and curlmyip, add you own ip.php to your own webserver and use that as the first element in the tuple.

Also sorry for late reply, the email ended up in my junk.

byclatramp, January 28, 2014
Check your printer consumables status using SNMP
on debian and ubuntu ,
needs some edit the script :
-from CMD_BASENAME="/bin/basename" to CMD_BASENAME="/usr/bin/basename"
-from CMD_AWK="/bin/awk" to CMD_AWK="/usr/bin/awk"

and all services check_snmp_printer_consummable need to add two exclamations and not one between the public and colour
example from check_command check_snmp_printer_consummable!public!yellow!90!95 to

working the black with Dell 2350dn Laser Printer
and all colours with HP LaserJet 100 colorMFP M175nw