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check_emc_clariion.pl maintained by BuddhaBob74
This is a great script and works well apart from the -t sp_info. From the command line I get:

./check_emc_clariion.pl -H ***.***.***.*** --secfilepath /usr/local/nagios/libexec/auth/emc_auth_files -t sp_info
{SP ID:A} {Agent Revision:6.29.5 (0.55)} {FLARE Revision:} {PROM Revision:4.80.00} {Model:CX4-120, Rackmount} {Memory:2.97GB} {Serial Number:****************}

When I look in Nagios I get this

Status Information: {SP ID:} {Agent Revision:} {FLARE Revision:} {PROM Revision:} {Model:, } {Memory:} {Serial Number:}

The returned items are being excluded in the output being parsed to Nagios.

Any thoughts? I am using the latest version of the script.

Thanks and keep up the great work

bychriscamm, January 2, 2014
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Great plugin

If you get the following error:

Insecure dependency in printf while running with -T switch at ./check_ups_alarm.pl line 266.

Edit the script and on Line 1 change
#!/usr/bin/perl -wT



Then above

use scrict;

Add the following line

use warnings;
use scrict;

This corrects the error and I can now run all of the checks.