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bychris1337c, March 6, 2019
I am trying to use this plugin:
Synology NAS: RS2414RP+
DSM 6.0.3-8754 Update 8

03-06-2019 15:19:34] SERVICE ALERT: DC_SAN;Global Health Status;UNKNOWN;HARD;3;Usage: ./check_snmp_syno.sh -H hostname -C community -w temperature warning -c temperature critical [-v]
bychris1337c, March 6, 2019
Synology status
I would give this an excellent rating, but this is the only plugin out of 56 hosts that gives me any grief. I get the random SNMP timeouts sporadically throughout the day. I have investigates a rolling tcp dump to see if its on the network end, its not (as 30+ other hosts are in the same data center and do not have this issue, plugged into the same switch, with the same load balancing issues). I even disabled the dual NIC on the Synology RS2414RP+ (DSM 6.0.3-8754 Update 8) to see if somehow the load balancing or something goofy was hanging it up. Not it either, I see someone below me has the identical issue. I have tried disabling different aspects of this plugin as well to see if these stop, they don't. These spam repeatedly:
(Service check timed out after 180.01 seconds)
(Service check timed out after 180.01 seconds)
(Service check timed out after 180.01 seconds)
After expanding to 180s I figured this would resolve the issue, it didn't either. I love the visibility it gives, I just feel like its getting hung up on something.