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bycentury, July 2, 2012
thanks for this one ... it works like a charm after some little tweaks.
keep up the good job.
bycentury, May 21, 2012
it perfectly fill my needs . a little bit modified and a completly different pnp4 graphe template for me.

thanks for the good job.
bycentury, May 20, 2012
great plugin, even if i had to do few modifications. you have to be noticed some options are not supported by some 'find' versions ... so in my case i just had to remove the '-nowarn' from the script.

bycentury, May 20, 2012
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
simple, fast , no pass ... perfect for me.

thanks a lot
bycentury, May 4, 2012
thank you for this one.
i had to modified it to get perfdata to graph with my pnp ...

bycentury, May 3, 2012
0 of 1 people found this review helpful
hi, it sounds interesting but an how-to-use-it will be great.

i think you use it on the server to check , maybe with a nrpelistener ?
in this case i suppose you need perl on your server ?

could you enlight us ?