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bycasruizhang, July 3, 2013
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Check Cisco FRU Fan
There isn't an option to check "all" Fan and I can achieve this by checking single device with correct Fan IDs. This means I need to setup a Fan service check for EVERY DEVICE... speaking of bad design of addons.......
Owner's reply

Hi casruizhang: It's true that the current version of the plugin doesn't support implicitly checking ALL fans but a list of them, we'll consider your idea in future plugin versions.

However as help output states (something that seems you've not carefully read) you can run the plugin in test mode in order to get a list of present fans with their ids and you can run the plugin in check mode stating a LIST (not just an item) with ids of the fans to check.

That means that in practice the own plugins is able to tell you all the fan ids present in your device and is able to check part or all of them stating the right value in the -e option.