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bycarekapt, February 2, 2015
[root@nagios]# ./check_dell_openmanage.1.3.pl -H -C public -T test -t 60
Trying all preconfigured Dell OID's against target...
StorageManagementGlobalSystemStatus (.
ERROR: Alarm signal (Nagios time-out)

Even after changing time-out, i keep getting this...any hint?
bycarekapt, March 27, 2012
I'm currently testing this on a iis 6.0 (w2k3 server) and a don't see the "case-sensitive comment" you talk about.

best regards,
bycarekapt, January 20, 2012
I'm gonna try to change the script for my self, but could you include .pt domains on the next version of the script?

Best regards,
Owner's reply

Hi, i need whois server for .ph, then i can include that.

bycarekapt, October 27, 2011
Just created an account to thank you for this fine script!

The other review solved the original text bugs in the description, after that all worked fine!
Owner's reply

Thank you, origianl text bugs are fixed now...