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bybrownie, May 3, 2011
It works like a charm for me.
But I have made some changes so you don't need to use a webbrowser (source code of CallSeleniumTest)

Thumbs up !! (Y)
bybrownie, May 2, 2011
I think, and i'm quite sure this is only compatible for Windows OS and not for Linux
which is very sad, because this would be a very usefull plugin for me...
Owner's reply

Hmm. Version 1.1 introduces conditional checks for Windows dependencies. So it will be easier to port/run the script on Linuz or other systems.

bybrownie, March 23, 2011
when i download it, i get a message that the file is corrupt...
bybrownie, March 21, 2011

I've read your information about your plugin and i want to use it, but i have a question.
You can set warnings/crits on any given time, but can you also decide what the warning must say e.g.: "Warning: the file 'test.txt' is too long in this folder!!" ?
I haven't tried your plugin YET, because i don't have a test environment YET.

Can you please answer my question, it would make a whole difference ;-)


Owner's reply

Very delayed reply, and, no, you currently can't set the content of the messages.