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bybrianhonaker, October 25, 2012
I have loaded the check_snmp_environment plugin and I believe that I have loaded the correct MIB (CISCO-ENVMON-MIB). Currently I get the following error when I test the following service check

Check: check_snmp_env -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -T cisco -l netmanager -x N0GUe5$MD5HPS -X N0GUe5$DESHPS

Error: ERROR opening session: Received usmStatsWrongDigests.0 Report-PDU with value 36 during synchronization.

I'm using SNMP v3.
bybrianhonaker, January 18, 2012
This does exactly what I need it to. Now if we could find one that works at the site ID level to monitor if the site is stopped or not.