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bybostonsean, September 12, 2013
We have 2 different Nagios installs, one is 3.4.4 and one is 3.5.0. On 3.4.4 Check_F5_Platform.pl shows the entire return in the nagios UI, ex:

CPU-1 39?C, CPU-2 38?C, FAN-1 ok, FAN-2 ok, FAN-3 ok, POWER-SUPPLY-1 ok, POWER-SUPPLY-2 ok, Chassis-Temperature-1 28?C, Chassis-Temperature-2 32?C, Chassis-Temperature-3 33?C, Chassis-Temperature-4 30?C

On 3.5.0 it's cut off after "CPU-1 39". I removed those special chars from the script and Nagios now displays the output properly.
Owner's reply

I agree with you bostonsean. It is an annoying charset encoding bug. As far as I know "Degree Symbol" for temperatures or "Masculine Ordinal Indicator" character codification may depend on your locales, encoding charset and/or keyboard layout for your system language and/or browser URL encodings. A nightmare indeed. Notice that Nagios only shows first line from plugin output. Removing the problematic char is a straightforward workaround, but I'm afraid I submitted my local codification for that char from my machine text editor, so that in your system it gets coded in some buggy way making it to not show correctly on your Nagios console. I suggest to edit the perl script and replace the "ยบ" char (Degree Symbol) with the proper codification supported by your servers and test the new modified script from both Nagios installations.
Let me know if that works! Thanks in advanced.

bybostonsean, July 13, 2012
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We run tons of nfs mounts across many machines and those mounts sometimes change based on needs so I made a slight modification to avoid the need to keep track of the mountpoints to provide as args. Especially since it's likely no one will tell me beforehand.

Before the while case loop I did:

MPS=`grep nfs /etc/fstab | grep -v '^#' | awk '{print $2}' | tr '\n' ' '`

then commented out the /*MPS line in the case block.
Owner's reply

Version 1.6 adds the flag -a to the script, which means mountpoints are autoselected from fstab file.
So use the new version like:

check_mountpoints.sh -a