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bybhil923, August 17, 2017
I've tried a few different windows update checkers and constantly had issues with timeouts and such. I set this up and worked right away, and was fairly quick. I made one small mod (im not a programer at all).

Changed: $returnStateOptionalUpdates = $returnStateOK $returnStateWarning

To: $returnStateOptionalUpdates = $returnStateOK

I don't care to be warned for the Optional updates so this works for me.

Cyber_Saiyan, If you are still having issues running it, you do need to do modifications to your server running Nagios. You simply need to add the service to the config file (mine is in what i think was a default file windows.cfg, but you can add it to which one you'd like) The line is listed in the authors notes above. You also need the command for NRPE in the commands.cfg file as well (listed in the authors notes as well).