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byaseques, October 17, 2017
I was looking for a script to check the connection to an sftp server, this script provides that an more, I just added some minor enhancements to make it more practical (in case you don't need to check the number of lines)
byaseques, September 6, 2013
Very nice plugin, it allows easily to check if the ssl is properly enabled in the server.
Only drawback is that there's no verbose mode to debug stuff like the cert used or the ports..
byaseques, May 13, 2013
This is a small pathc to allow fuzzy names (with globbing), it helps when integrating with cacti, so we can make a match like servername_service_*.rrd that is more effective.

--- /tmp/check_rrd.pl 2013-05-13 14:05:11.000000000 +0200
+++ check_rrd.pl 2013-05-13 16:35:09.000000000 +0200
@@ -313,8 +313,16 @@
# main
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------

+#In case the file is a glob expression (*), expand it and check if matches
if ( ! -r $rrdfile ) {
- $np->nagios_die("rrdfile $rrdfile not readable or does not exist");
+ my @filelist = glob "$rrdfile";
+ if ( ! @filelist) {
+ $np->nagios_die("rrdfile $rrdfile not readable or does not exist");
+ } elsif ( scalar(@filelist)!=1 ) {
+ $np->nagios_die("Glob matches more than one file @filelist
+ } else {
+ $rrdfile=$filelist[0];
+ }

# ----------------------------------------
byaseques, May 13, 2013
This would be a sample query:
./check_rrd.pl -R rra_file.rrd --ds data_source -w100 -c150 --start -10min --end -5min

The important thing is the --end -5min, if you use now, the last value might be a NAN, then it would always give a CRITICAL (because there are NaN values)
byaseques, November 20, 2009
The last release it's from 2007 and only checks that the xen http server is listening.
A simple telnet would replace that in a more efficient way.