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byadarsh, May 30, 2015

You missed the quotes. Your check_command supposed to be

check_command check_http_content -U -m "25388C85-A193-47DC-A7-1C-95-EB-92-EC-E9-28" -t 5

byadarsh, May 19, 2013
Great plugin thanks, now i can monitor my organisation's sites individually.
byadarsh, May 6, 2013
thanks. but it seems you are missing slashes in the path. please try with slash and it will work
anyway this plugin is great it is used to monitor my servers share folder sizes :)
byadarsh, May 6, 2013
Thanks shawnbrito,
i have changed the permission settings in the script as you told but it doesn't work. the error is just "Error:" i have tried chmod u+r on the directory (/etc) i need to monitor but the trick failed to work. any idea please?