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byadalle, July 15, 2015
I have this working well with Postgres. A couple minor changes from the previous suggested changes:

$sql_query = "SELECT SUM(JobErrors) AS errors, COUNT(*) AS count, Job.JobId, Job.JobStatus, Log.LogText FROM Job LEFT JOIN Log on Job.JobId = Log.JobId WHERE (Name='$opt_job') AND (JobStatus='T') AND (EndTime IS NOT NULL) AND ((EndTime >= '$date_stop')) GROUP BY Job.JobId, Job.JobStatus, Log.LogText;";

(EndTime >= as opposed to =)

When there isn't a match, you don't get an array of 0's or nulls, but just an empty array.

So I check for that:

if ($#job_stats == -1)
@job_stats = (0,0,0,0)

This is the easiest fix; the rest of the code expects that array to exist, so I just set it to zeroes.