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byXaneth, April 15, 2012
I really like this script, but this listing needs to be updated to the latest version. I'm currently using 1.52 from the page:


Which is now working properly on my iLO2. It would be nice to see all the switch options as well, such as -o for checking power, -a for checking fans and -c for checking drives.
byXaneth, April 10, 2012
I can set up all the tests I need for my vCenter server, physical hosts and VM's. Awesome job. Once I got the VMWare Perl SDK installed and configured with all the necessary Perl modules (which the VMWare installer installed automatically), I was able to successfully run the script, but this is the error I got when trying some scripts against my hosts:

CHECK_ESX3.PL CRITICAL - Server version unavailable at 'https://...

This was due to the nature of the ESXi SSL certificate. I disabled SSL by adding the following near the top of my check_esx3.pl script, around line 32 or so:


Now it works great!!!
byXaneth, April 5, 2012
Check Powernet PDU load
This helps me to see how much load I have distributed in my environment, many thanks to the author.
Owner's reply

You're welcome, we like to see that our work is helpful.