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byUnigarant, March 7, 2017
Check logged on user
It works fine, we just use the check_nrpe command with user_logon as a parameter.

Also we changed the variables to the following format:

If we left the variables as they where ([string]$param,]) we would get a syntax error.

And last: . as a hostname does not work for us. Nor does localhost. FQDN works fine. Might have something to do with checking a domain user/machine.

We have a working check, so happy campers. Thanks!
byUnigarant, March 16, 2015
We are using these checks for a couple of months now. Only issue was some timeouts on the check due to a high system load. Glad to see this is fixed on the latest version!

Had some issues with the check once. Found out it was a locked user account. Great support from Troy!

All in all: keep up the good work! :)