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bySchwabe, October 30, 2013
Nice plugin!
bySchwabe, August 23, 2013
nagios@UBSW1NAG01:~$ /usr/local/nagios/libexec/check_avaya_peak.pl -H -C nagios -w 300 -c 600 -R voice -P total
Reference found where even-sized list expected at /usr/share/perl5/Net/SNMP.pm line 2278.
ERROR: getting SNMP data : The argument "ARRAY(0x16740c8)" is unknown.

Does anyone know how I can fix this?
bySchwabe, November 12, 2012
To detect power fan correctly with Version 10.83 of SMcli, you need to replace following lines:

# Watch all these parameters
my @list=( "Batteries Detected",
"SFPs Detected",
"Power-Fan CRUs Detected",
"Power Supplies Detected",
"Fans Detected",
"Temperature Sensors Detected",


# Watch all these parameters
my @list=( "Batteries Detected",
"SFPs Detected",
"Power-Fan CRUs/FRUs Detected",
"Power Supplies Detected",
"Fans Detected",
"Temperature Sensors Detected",
Owner's reply

I've dealed with fans reporting some other way and it should work universally now.

bySchwabe, October 12, 2012

it is possible to make the output more clearer.

When i remove a power cord, it's show me the following output:

The following failures have been found: Power-Fan CRU/FRU - No Power Input Storage Subsystem: DS3512_1 Component reporting problem: Power supply CRU/FRU (Right) Status: No power input Location: Controller/Drive expansion enclosure Component requiring service: Power supply CRU/FRU (Right) Service action (removal) allowed: No Service action LED on component: Yes Subcomponent affected: Power supply (0)

It would be clearer with: "Failed power supply @ right side"
Owner's reply

I am just using the output that comes from the DS Storage Manager client. Parsing all the possible messages to "translate" them would be a incredible amount of work.
Besides the client supports systems with more then one enclosure, so the level of detail of the message is useful in many cases.

Conclusion: No, it is not possible.