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bySDK, March 19, 2013
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Its a nice overall plugin. But it's performance data is incorrect. The plugins check's via SNMP the Words RX & TX. These are absolute numbers (they increase over time, they are not delta values!). The script has no logic in it to calculate the delta. So the Graph's for Throughput are misleading, this is the total that the port has put through, since the counter was resettet. Because of that error the graphs constantly rise although in reality the throughput is not. Once the counter is resettet (you can do this with the Brocade GUI Reset Counters), the throughout graphs drop...
Owner's reply

I know that the counters are deltas. Therefore there is no alert mechanism for traffic with this plugin. But for history pnp4nagios uses rrdtool and rrdtool gets the actual counter with its timestamp and calculates the delta. I use the plugin for over one year now and I can't reproduce the problem. A counter reset is also handled by rrdtool. The plugin is used in a lot of installations and I got a lot of feedback. But nobody told me about such a problem. Maybe something other is wrong.

Yours - Martin

bySDK, March 19, 2013
2 of 2 people found this review helpful
Nagios XI Operations Screen Component
The operation screen displays Hosts down, even if they have scheduled downtimes. This is very irritating. Either it should not list these hosts under "unhanded Hosts down", or with a remark like (Scheduled Downtime).