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byS54326, August 16, 2015
Testing this pluging it was taking far too long to complete, over 2 minutes!!!
Looking through the script, there is a function called countInterfaceBandwith and in there is a 'sleep 60' command. The function gets called twice for inbound and outbound hence 2 minutes.
byS54326, April 1, 2014
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Highcharts for Nagios
Hi, saw this addon, downloaded, installed and ... no graphs :(
No clues in Apache logs.
Eventually worked out why. We have to use Internet Explorer at work, but testing with Firefox the graphs show up! Found a clue on the Highcharts website about spurious commas.
If you look at highcharts.html (from version 1.3), go to line 92 and remove the comma at the end of the line (not the one on the next line before yAxis: { ). Then go to line 137 and remove (or comment out) the comma at the end of that line (the one before //exporting ). Save the file and that solved the problem for me. :)