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byRom_UA, January 11, 2012

I get an issue using the plugin when the system has an uptime value with 0 hour. For example, when the system is up for 1 day and 35 minutes(( 9:27AM up 1 day, 35 mins ). The $uptime_output does not match one of the value defined and running the script in verbos mode return an error.
I added this code just after the line 482 :

elsif ($uptime_output =~ /ups+(d+)s+days?,s+(d+)s+min/) {
($days, $hrs, $mins) = ($1,0,$2);
$uptime_info = "up $days days $mins minutes";

Best regards,
Owner's reply

Thanks for the feedback. I've added this code to just released 0.41 version.