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byRedFish, April 27, 2016
With my regional seetings I had to modify the script, I also added some performance datas. The modifications do start afet line 48 :

$now = (Get-Date).AddDays(-$period)
$lastend = (Get-BEJobHistory -Name $name -FromLastJobRun).EndTime.ToString("dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm")
$laststart = (Get-BEJobHistory -Name $name -FromLastJobRun).StartTime
$jobsize = (Get-BEJobHistory -Name $name -FromLastJobRun).TotalDataSizeBytes/1000000000
$jobsize = "{0:N0}" -f $jobsize
$jobduration = (Get-BEJobHistory -Name $name -FromLastJobRun).ElapsedTime.Hours*60 +(Get-BEJobHistory -Name $name -FromLastJobRun).ElapsedTime.Minutes
$name = " + $name + "

if ($now -gt $laststart)
Write-Host "CRITICAL! Last run of job: $name on $lastend."
exit 2
Write-Host "OK Job $name ($jobsize GB) completed successfully on $lastend in $jobduration minutes.|Job_size=$jobsize; Duration_minutes=$jobduration"
exit 0
I had to modify the operators at lines 71,77,89 and 95 because they were "greater or equal" and "less or equal" instead of simply ">" or "Something I missed was the possibility to use directly textual MIB instead of the numeric OID, I saw that by using NetSNMP::OID it should be possible but did not have the time to try.
byRedFish, October 9, 2013
Great job this check worked great out of the box, I applied ruddockr suggestion to have CPU usage and not Idle time.
I noticed two small issues :

If you do not have any swap you get the divide by zero error noticed by helium_rday, as a quick fix I added a +1 in the division at line 290 and 291.

I always get a empty disk io, the perfdata are there but the output is always :
DISK OK io : |sda1_read=0.00;100;150 sda1_write=0.00;70;100 with nothing after the "io : ". I'm not a Perl expert but I noticed that the $return_str is initiliazed but no data is added to it.
Owner's reply

thanks for your comment,
I fixed this two issues on v1.4 !

If interested let me know as I have no time to maintain a project. If you want to modify the check yourself the OID is . (1 min CPU usage in %)
byRedFish, June 8, 2012
I use this plugin a lot and I would like to make some suggestions.

1. When -f is used with --stp and --intspeed, I get stp and intspeed in the performance output, is there a way to avoid that ? (I tried with and without -S)

2. Checking the duplex mode could be great, for example by adding --intspeed=100Mb/full or 100Mb/half as options.

Thanks anyway for that great software.
Owner's reply

Right now I'm working on a new version of this plugin that will add functionality to --intspeed. So contact me privately and explain your suggestions in more detail.