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I use this script for few years already and it is working fine!
I recently encounter problems when I monitored interface on Ubuntu 16. I checked and found the script used IF-MIB::ifDescr OID to look and query the interface name, which does not work for Ubuntu 16.
I guess it is a long runing bug or bad usage on this OID as there is a dedicated OID just for name: IF-MIB::ifName. after fixing it ubuntu 16 interfaces are monitored too so as the others that used to work with the previous OID. just replace the OID in the script.

Owner's reply

Got it.
Thanks very much.

byPeer, November 6, 2016

The plugin works as expected and is really great & useful! amazing job.
I really liked the --sticky flag which givs you great flexibility.

One question, does this script cleanup the tmp files it generates under /tmp $seekfilesdir or $protocolsdir?

byPeer, October 25, 2016
Just make sure you do that with the user that owns the RRD files, or recall to chown it after the change.

Great utility!
byPeer, July 21, 2016
Worked for me with Nagios and pnp4nagios (which I plan to keep for now), but this is very cool and makes Nagios perfdata gathering more meaningful.
Using Nagios Core 4.1.1, pnp4nagios, Thruk and now Grafana.

Wonder what is the main differences between that and Graphios...
does anyone know?
byPeer, March 5, 2015
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
First, great plugin and very useful.
Nice to see how simple is HP MSA API.

Wanted to share that with 1 MSA enclosure the plugin works great.
We encounter problems when we monitored MSA that has MSA2600 extension enclosure.
I found the bug that caused the plugin to exit with CRITICAL exit status, where more then 1 enclosure is attached to the MSA. See reports here at the bottom:

The problem is that on show/frus API, there are several XML elements added with no fru-shortname value and so fru-status is "Absent", which reports back to Nagios as critical, although the enclosure status is OK.
I fixed it by ignoring those empty XML elements:

+++ libexec/check_msa_p2000.php (.../libexec/check_msa_p2000.php) (working copy)
@@ -210,6 +210,9 @@
$attr = $obj->attributes();
if($attr['name']== "fru") {
$type = (string) getEnclosureStatus($obj->PROPERTY, array('name'=>'name', 'value'=>'fru-shortname'));
+ if (empty($type)) {
+ continue;
+ }
$statuses[$type][]= getEnclosureStatus($obj->PROPERTY, array('name'=>'name', 'value'=>'fru-status'));

byPeer, June 25, 2014
I manage to monitor the overall system status anf the FC ports, which is good.

I don't have FabricWatch as I think it is too expensive.

Is there a way to monitor FC port temp without FW?

Do you plan to release fcport monitor pnp4nagios template too?