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Nico D.

byNico D., November 15, 2017
You can change the type in line 172:
-version => 2,
Change it to
-version => 1,

But my recommendation for the developer is to improve the customizability of the script. Many parameters could be fetched by user input. Would make things easier, f. e. the SNMP version. But also, f. e., what if you want to check one specific IPSEC tunnel?

One example: You have a Fortigate with one tunnel to Headquarter, and IT department of Headquarter wants to check the status of exactly this specific tunnel. But there're other tunnels to other branches, which are unnecessary for IT department at HQ.

This is one thing you have to modify yourself if you need this feature. Other than that, it's helpful in general. Thanks.
byNico D., January 31, 2016
The Nagios plugin may be really nice. I just don't have much experience with it right now. However, when I started trying it, it just came up with:

Can't locate object method "new" via package "DBD::MySQL::Server::Instance" (perhaps you forgot to load "DBD::MySQL::Server::Instance"?) at Nagios/DBD/MySQL/Server.pm line 85.

I was looking for such issues on the internet and didn't find any helpful topic. I wonder if I really am the only one on the world wide web having that issue.

However, I found out that a change of the line 85 in the mentioned file from:

$self->{instance} = DBD::MySQL::Server::Instance->new(%params);


$self->{instance} = DBD::MySQL::Server->new(%params);

was helpful. Just as remark.