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byMaddin, February 23, 2014
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The problem is the ePN (Embedded Perlinterpreter for Nagios)

If you enable Debugging in Nagios, you get the following error:

HOST: somehost, SERVICE: CPU, CHECK TYPE: Active, OPTIONS: 0, SCHEDULED: Yes, RESCHEDULE: Yes, EXITED OK: No, RETURN CODE: 3, OUTPUT: **ePN failed to compile /some/dir/plugins/check_fortigate.pl: "String found where operator expected at (eval 17) line 94, near "case "cpu""" at /usr/lib/nagios3/p1.pl line 250.


The workaround is to disable the ePN by inserting the following String an the second line in the check_fortigate.pl-script

# nagios: -epn
Owner's reply

Thanks for noticing, i added # nagios -epn to defaults

I should switch switch ( ;-) ) with a more cleaner hash table, that might solve the problem with epn