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byEMAn8, December 30, 2013
The check works but I was hoping it would have options other than just saying "All services are OK" (that is to check various options). I noticed in the case statement for default it is running 3 separate functions but they don't stand alone so one would have to modify the case to do any of the options individually AND modify the functions to provide other information to make them stand alone.
Also some comments on the sudo setup:
If you're using nagios rather than nrpe as your user running the nrpe plugin you'd have to set the NRPE_ADMIN user accordingly.
If you're using a different path than the example you don't have to modify the script but do have to insure that path is in your sudo Cmnd_Alias instead of the example path.
You can run the !requiretty for the nagios (or nrpe) user and leave the default for all other users as requiretty.
byEMAn8, January 20, 2010
We used this for Nagios 1.x and it worked well.

Unfortunately it appears there have been no updates to it since 2003. The hack to get the graphs into displays by modifying status.cgi (status.c) is not valid for later versions though someone could probably make it work.

I'd suggest using a more recent project as my searches for information on this one only lead to posts that go unanswered or don't recognize the fact it was written for Nagios 1.x