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by4te, April 2, 2013
Hi, i have the strange issue with memory.
There is verbose output from check_esxi_hardware.py:

And i dont have any idea about this CRITICAL error. I checked memory on this server by memtest and there is no errors. By the way, there is no any alerts in vSphere Client on this hypervisor. So, why i have this CRITICAL output?
Owner's reply

Your CRITICAL comes from this:

20130403 11:54:11 Element Name = Memory
20130403 11:54:11 Element Op Status = 6
20130403 11:54:11 Global exit set to CRITICAL

According to the CIM table, exit code 6 means "error". The whole check class seems to be strange on your hardware. Try to run the plugin without CIM_Memory (comment/disable it in the plugin) and see if that helps.