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Compatible With
  • Nagios 1.x
  • Nagios 2.x
  • Nagios 3.x
  • Nagios 4.x
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This is a plugin to monitor the values of SMART attributes of hard and solid state drives. The plugin is a fork of check_smart released in 2009 by Kurt Yoder. Since then the plugin has undergone a lot of changes. It allows to monitor drives behind hardware controllers and added a lot of parameters to fine tune the checks and set thresholds (on a per attribute setting).
Please check out for up to date documentation and Nagios configuration examples.

# Changes and Modifications
# =========================
Feb 3, 2009: Kurt Yoder - initial version of script (rev 1.0)
Jul 8, 2013: Claudio Kuenzler - support hardware raids like megaraid (rev 2.0)
Jul 9, 2013: Claudio Kuenzler - update help output (rev 2.1)
Oct 11, 2013: Claudio Kuenzler - making the plugin work on FreeBSD (rev 3.0)
Oct 11, 2013: Claudio Kuenzler - allowing -i sat (SATA on FreeBSD) (rev 3.1)
Nov 4, 2013: Claudio Kuenzler - works now with CCISS on FreeBSD (rev 3.2)
Nov 4, 2013: Claudio Kuenzler - elements in grown defect list causes warning (rev 3.3)
Nov 6, 2013: Claudio Kuenzler - add threshold option "bad" (-b) (rev 4.0)
Nov 7, 2013: Claudio Kuenzler - modified help (rev 4.0)
Nov 7, 2013: Claudio Kuenzler - bugfix in threshold logic (rev 4.1)
Mar 19, 2014: Claudio Kuenzler - bugfix in defect list perfdata (rev 4.2)
Apr 22, 2014: Jerome Lauret - implemented -g to do a global lookup (rev 5.0)
Apr 25, 2014: Claudio Kuenzler - cleanup, merge Jeromes code, perfdata output fix (rev 5.1)
May 5, 2014: Caspar Smit - Fixed output bug in global check / issue #3 (rev 5.2)
Feb 4, 2015: Caspar Smit and cguadall - Allow detection of more than 26 devices / issue #5 (rev 5.3)
Feb 5, 2015: Bastian de Groot - Different ATA vs. SCSI lookup (rev 5.4)
Feb 11, 2015: Josh Behrends - Allow script to run outside of nagios plugins dir / wiki url update (rev 5.5)
Feb 11, 2015: Claudio Kuenzler - Allow script to run outside of nagios plugins dir for FreeBSD too (rev 5.5)
Mar 12, 2015: Claudio Kuenzler - Change syntax of -g parameter (regex is now awaited from input) (rev 5.6)
Feb 6, 2017: Benedikt Heine - Fix Use of uninitialized value $device (rev 5.7)
Oct 10, 2017: Bobby Jones - Allow multiple devices for interface type megaraid, e.g. "megaraid,[1-5]" (rev 5.8)
Apr 28, 2018: Pavel Pulec (Inuits) - allow type "auto" (rev 5.9)
May 5, 2018: Claudio Kuenzler - Check selftest log for errors using new parameter -s (rev 5.10)
Dec 27, 2018: Claudio Kuenzler - Add exclude list (-e) to ignore certain attributes (5.11)
Jan 8, 2019: Claudio Kuenzler - Fix 'Use of uninitialized value' warnings (5.11.1)
Jun 4, 2019: Claudio Kuenzler - Add raw check list (-r) and warning thresholds (-w) (6.0)
Jun 11, 2019: Claudio Kuenzler - Allow using pseudo bus device /dev/bus/N (6.1)
Aug 19, 2019: Claudio Kuenzler - Add device model and serial number in output (6.2)
Oct 1, 2019: Michael Krahe - Allow exclusion from perfdata as well (-E) and by attribute number (6.3)
Oct 29, 2019: Jesse Becker - Remove dependency on, add quiet parameter (6.4)
Nov 22, 2019: Claudio Kuenzler - Add Reported_Uncorrect and Reallocated_Event_Count to default raw list (6.5)
Nov 29, 2019: Claudio Kuenzler - Add 3ware and cciss devices for global (-g) check, adjust output (6.6)
Dec 4, 2019: Ander Punnar - Fix 'deprecation warning on regex with curly brackets' (6.6.1)

# Introduction/Description
# =========================
The plugin check_smart by Kurt Yoder was imho the best plugin to monitor SMART status/values of hard drives. Unfortunately to my big surprise, the plugin was not able to handle other device types than ata or scsi. Therefore disks attached to hardware raids like megaraid could not be checked. I modified the plugin so it also works with disks attached to raid controllers.
Since October 2013 the plugin now also works on FreeBSD.

# Successful tests/examples
# =========================
SATA disk behind MDRaid (Software Raid) on Linux:
/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/ -d /dev/sda -i ata

MegaRAID on Linux:
/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/ -d /dev/sda -i megaraid,8

Intel RAID on FreeBSD 9.2 ("kldload mfip.ko" required):
/usr/local/libexec/nagios/ -d /dev/pass0 -i scsi

SATA drives behind Intel RAID on FreeBSD 9.2 ("kldload mfip.ko" required):
/usr/local/libexec/nagios/ -d /dev/pass12 -i sat

SCSI drives behind HP RAID (CCISS) on FreeBSD 6.0:
/usr/local/libexec/nagios/ -d /dev/ciss0 -i cciss,0
OK: no SMART errors detected|defect_list=0 sent_blocks=3093462752 temperature=24;;68

/usr/local/libexec/nagios/ -d /dev/ciss0 -i cciss,3
WARNING: 48 Elements in grown defect list | defect_list=48 sent_blocks=1137657348 temperature=22;;68

Using threshold option (-b) to ignore 1 bad element, warning only when 2 bad elements are found:
/usr/local/libexec/nagios/ -d /dev/ciss0 -i cciss,1 -b 2
OK: 1 Elements in grown defect list (but less than threshold 2)|defect_list=1;2;2;; sent_blocks=2769458900762624 temperature=27;;65