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Check SMART status ZCU

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Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
Check SMART status of ATA/SCSI/SAT disks and Megaraid controller with performance data.
Check SMART status of ATA/SCSI/SAT disks. Returning any usable metrics as perfdata. Support megaraid controller and other small features.

Usage: --device= --interface=(ata|sat|scsi|[sat+]megaraid,N) [--realloc=] [--pending=] [--checksum] [--log] [--failure] [--debug] [--version] [--help]

-d/--device a device to be SMART monitored, eg. /dev/sda
-i/--interface ata, sat, scsi, megaraid, depending upon the device's interface type
-r/--realloc minimum of accepted reallocated sectors (actual value: 0)
-p/--pending minimum of accepted pending sectors (actual value: 0)
-c/--checksum disable checksum log structure (default: enable)
-l/--log disable check of SMART logs (default: enable)
-f/--failure disable warning when disk may be close to failure)
--debug show debugging information
-h/--help this help
-v/--version show version of this plugin

Examples: --device=/dev/sda --interface=sat --realloc=10 -d /dev/sdb -i megaraid,2 -p 1 -l -d /dev/sdb -i ata -f

Return of last example:
OK: no SMART errors detected, Disabled warning when disk may be close to failure (used option -f): Attribute Airflow_Temperature_Cel failed at In_the_past.|Raw_Read_Error_Rate=0 Spin_Up_Time=0 Start_Stop_Count=32 Reallocated_Sector_Ct=0 Seek_Error_Rate=841765619 Power_On_Hours=50562 Spin_Retry_Count=0 Power_Cycle_Count=31 Reported_Uncorrect=0 High_Fly_Writes=0 Airflow_Temperature_Cel=25 Temperature_Celsius=25 Hardware_ECC_Recovered=52153847 Current_Pending_Sector=0 Offline_Uncorrectable=0 UDMA_CRC_Error_Count=0 Multi_Zone_Error_Rate=0 Data_Address_Mark_Errs=0

Latest changes:
- NEW: add -f option to set OK when disk may be failure (highest temperature in past, ...)
- NEW: add -p option as minimum of pending sectors (default = 0)
- NEW: change default value of accepted reallocated sectors to 0 (zero)
- NEW: append inform messages if used -l, -r or -c option

This script was created under contract for the US Government and is therefore Public Domain, originally created by Kurt Yoder, modified by Philippe Genonceaux and finished by Michal Švamberg.