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Check Windows Processes - TK

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Current Version
check_winprocess is a Nagios NRPE plugin for checking processes by using criteria like status, name, cpu and memory usage and many more. You can also specify if the processes meeting the criteria will be killed. check_process uses Windows tools tasklist and taskkill (available in XP and later).

Version 1.6 introduces the option --first, allowing you to list a specified number of process names from top of the process list.
Reviews (2)
byicecreamguy, August 7, 2013
Awesome plugin. Feels very professional, well integrated, documented, and highly functional. Follows Unix philosophy of using specialized, pre-existing tools instead of reinventing the wheel. Thanks for writing this!
I'm looking for something like this plugin, but i need to get back memory and cpu usage per process to collect performance data. Anyone has something like ?