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Category: Solaris

Nagios plugins for monitoring Solaris.

Nagios Network Analyzer

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Category Listings:
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Nagios plugin to check Solaris 10 SMF service status


Nagios plugin to check free swap space on Solaris


Update of check_solaris_swap created by hakivima. Script analyses SWAP-Usage on Solaris Systems and returns performance data to use plugin with performance tools like PNP.

Check if a zone is running.


A script to verify that Sun Cluster resources are up and running.


Check SUN Cluster node status

This checks Sun Volume Manager, mirror, raid, and metadb


Check and return the status of resource groups on veritas clusters.


Checks vertias volumes using vxprint and alerts on any failures. Runs as nagios user, does not require root.


This plugin parses the output of the Veritas Volume Manager command 'vxdisk list' and alarms when it finds a failing disk device.


A small PERL plugin to monitor the health of ZFS zpools. Tested on Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris distributions. Will additionally work in FreeBSD-7.0-RELEASE if called from sudo.


output status of zpool (zfs) volumes. Uses tools from FreeBSD base system.

Checks a single zpool for it's status. Popular Monitoring plugin to monitor status and usage of zfs pools. Runs on multiple OS (tested on Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux, smartOS).



Shell Script Plugin to Check the filesystem status for ZFS on Solaris 10.


Local File System Space

Checks local solaris file systems.

New check_disk

Solaris Check_disk can be used with check_by_ssh and is tested on Solaris 2.6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.


nagios plugin to scan for multiple patterns in a daily log file (ksh script)


nagios plugin to scan for multiple patterns in a log file (ksh script)

Simple memory chack plugin

My simple plugin for checking memory on Solaris 10 with Nagios from Blastwaverepository.

SMF manifest for NRPE

SMF manifest for NRPE with TCP wrapper support

Solaris 10 NRPE & plugins (sparc & x86)

This package installs NRPE (2.12) and Nagios plugins (1.4.15) and performs all necessary pre and post install tasks. The package creates the nagios user/group, installs files (to /usr/local/nagios), creates the Solaris service, registers the existing SSL ...


Solaris 10 zones checker

Check the zones status Ver 1.0

Solaris check_vitals

Trend graphs for CPU and memory resources on Solaris system.

Solaris Network Utilization

Uses the nicstat utility. Used as an NRPE plugin on Solaris server, checks current network utilization over a 2 - 6 second period, averages it out and returns the value. Uses the 'nicstat' utility, **Current version can be downloaded from http://blogs.sun ...

Solaris Zpools checker

Check the ZFS disks pools status

Sun Grid Engine

check_sge - plugin for nagios to check the status of a host and its queues with SGE.

Zones Plugin

Check the Solaris zones status Ver.1.0

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