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Category: Xen

Nagios plugins for monitoring Xen virtualization software.

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Check xen domU status

This is a simple shell script that checks for the status of all the xen domU that are started on boot. You can map it to an OID with snmpd on your xen Host and check with check_snmp from nagios. Since it's a shell script for the xen host, it should work ...

Check xen plugin

Plugin for Nagios (written in Python to check Xen\'s state on a remote host.


Checks a xen virtual host to make sure it is up and running


Compare running VMs with config files

Compare configuration space (name of config files in /etc/xen/auto/) with running virtual machines. Notes: * name of config file must be equal with name of virtual machine * you need update sudo for nagios user to 'xm list' or 'xl list' command


getting xen vif

This perl script fetches interface name from xen vms using xen xe shell. a mysql db is required.


This is a work-in-progress script written in the research for the Book "Xen - Virtualisierung unter Linux" - see