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Category: Others

Nagios plugins for monitoring other types of virtual environments, for which there is no specific category yet.

Nagios Network Analyzer

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Check Hyper-V VM Health

This Plugin checks that all virtual machines running on your Hyper-V server are in good health. REQUIRES: Check_NT Plugin NSCLient++ or similar running on Server. Command Format: $HOSTADDRESS$


Check Hyperv Performance

Check Hyperv Performance Plugin to Show Hyper-V Performance. This breaks stats down for each guest compared to the host. * Guest CPU * Guest Healthy Count * Guest Network Usage * Guest Storage Performance * Host CPU Plugin uses NSClient++


Check Stratus

This plugin will catch the systemstatus and storage capaticy from an Stratus Avance Server Unit, testet with Stratus Avance 3.0. This is the first Version of the Plugin. By problems or feedback send me an email Example output systemstatus: # ./che ...


Check XenServer

Check Xenserver through its API ( Ability to check : - Memory of all hosts in a pool (check_mem) - CPU of all hosts in a pool (check_cpu) - Storage Repositories in a pool (ch ...


Get any Amazon AWS Cloud Watch metrics


This is a ruby script that retrieve metrics from Amazon Web Service EC2, ELB or RDS using Amazon CloudWatch API (supports all AWS region). The Amazon credentials (Access Key ID and Secret Access Key) are read from an encrypted file. NB: Amazon CloudWa ...



This is a ruby script that checks the status of an instance on Amazon Web Service EC2 using Amazon EC2 API. The Amazon credentials (Access Key ID and Secret Access Key) are read from an encrypted file.



Uses the AWS PHP SDK to query EC2 instance state. Requires SDK installed somewhere in the include path (ubuntu in my case /usr/share/php) and requires authentication keys to be set in SDK.



check_kvm Runs "virsh list" and returns the available vms.



I stopped the development of this Plugin in 2015 due to move from Nagios to Check_MK. This Nagios plugin was created to check OracleVM state. What could be checked? Currently there are 3 Checks implemented: - filesystem Checks used spac ...



check_rhev3 check_rhev3 is a monitoring plugin for Nagios and it's forks, which is used to monitor datacenters, clusters, hosts, vms, vm pools and storage domains of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) and oVirt virtualization environments.


Hyper-V CPU counters using check_nt

Monitor CPU counters for Hyper-V hosts and guests using check_nt