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Category: ARP

Nagios plugins for monitoring ARP.

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Simple shell script that checks the host mac address.


This will check for duplicate MAC entries in your ARP table on your nagios/linux box. If it finds any, it MAY mean your being attacked via arp spoofing / poisoning.

Simple arping wrapper for those who doesn't answer to ping. Needs python2 and arping from iproute2 suite.


The script checks the occupancy of IP addresses in the local network. With the IP address as a parameter to get the MAC address.


Check number of MAC-addresses in memory of a network device. This is usefull i.e. on a checkpoint firewall, where default more then 1024 MAC-addresses will create problems. Plugin returns ok/warn/err, and number of ARP-entries in memory. Check is via sn ...


Duplicate IP detect

create new command define command create new service define service