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Check HP ICF Sensors

Current Version
Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
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Check HP ICF Sensors
This plugin checks sensor status on HP-ICF-CHASSIS MIB compliant HP network devices (Routers, hubs, switches, Procurve series, bridges...)
Checked sensors can be all sensors present on the device or a restricted sensor list. Plugin result can be set based on sensor reported status ('good'=OK, 'warning'=WARNING, 'bad'=CRITICAL) or based on a user-defined status list.

Plugin can be run in test mode for both checking if device supports this kind of check and showing a supported sensor list. Plugin is Nagios 3.x (ePN) compatible.
Reviews (2)
bydamned, January 8, 2016
url don't work..sad..
byB0ris, September 23, 2015
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Download URL doesn't work !