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Category: External Commands

Nagios addons for managing or submitting external commands.

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The autoScheduledDowntime-Script can be used to schedule periodically Nagios Downtimes. First fill the Configfile with your Hosts/Services for wich you want to set a downtime (each entry in single line).



CmdDist, which stands for "Command Distributor" takes Nagios commands and distributes it to Nagios-satellite hosts. It is written in PHP and very easy to extend.

Interactive Service Check CGI

This CGI allows you to run service checks interactively through the Nagios web interface.

Nagios remote external command daemon


This is a tcp server that runs on the main Nagios monitoring host. It allows a monitored client host to connect to it and issue a Nagios external command. If authenticated and authorized, the client host can execute the Nagios external command by having t ...


Nagira - Nagios RESTful API


Nagira is Ruby/Sinatra light-weight web services API for accessing and operating data of Nagios hosts and services, accessing Nagios configuration. Nagira is packaged as Ruby gems which provides easy installation and configuration.



This addon consists of a perl script that allows you to submit external commands to Nagios easily from a script or the command line. Includes support for most all external commands supported by Nagios. It can also generate a quick text-only overview of cu ...

ncom (Nagios command)

Nagios command line is written in perl. This is written using modified version of Nagios-Object cpan module. You will need ndoUtils backend to use some of the feature such as "check history", "command history" and "alerthistory". However if user don't car ...