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Category: Auto-Discovery

Auto-discovery addons for Nagios.

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Auto-Discovery Wizard

Auto-Discovery Wizard This Nagios XI wizard allows you to easily choose which hosts and services from an auto-discovery job should be monitored. Works with Nagios XI 2011R1 or later.

Auto-Discovery XI Component

Auto-Discovery XI Component This component adds auto-discovery capabilities to Nagios XI 2001R1 or later.

blësk Network Device Discovery

blësk Network Device Discovery blësk Network Device Discovery (NDD) is an auto-discovery tool with a web interface that allows you to scan the devices on your network and import them into NagiosQL. It is included in the blësk network monitoring suite.


This plugin can scan a subnet for hosts that Nagios is NOT monitoring and add them to Nagios.

Nagios Bulk Import (

This perl script will take a nmap "grepable" file (-oG) and generate a host.cfg file. I included the hostgroup.cfg, command.cfg, servicegroups.cfg and service.cfg. Feel free to add ports and/or os types


NAR - Nagios host automated registration

Nagios automatic hosts self-registration software (NAR) v0.1 - initial release v0.2 - bugfixing v0.21 - again bugfixing (even small requires attendance) v0.22 - installation notes were added NAR is designed to automate new hosts registration in ...



Nmap2Nagios is a PERL script and XML configuration files used to convert NMAP XML output into Nagios or Netsaint host, hostgroup and service configuration.


nmap2nagios-ng is a perl-script for generating object configuration files from the XML output of the Port- and Securityscanner Nmap automatically.


ScanToNag is a tool which scans your network for hosts and services and then generats configuration-files for Nagios.