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Category: Linux

Nagios plugins for monitoring Linux systems.

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check_procs_multi is a Nagios plugin similar to check_procs able to check several processes at once.


Extended version of check_procs plugin with metric dependant performance data, extended status information and total warning/critical thresholds



Checks if a process (or processes) is running. Uses pgrep to filter the result.

this bash script check if processes matching to a pattern are exceeding a given elapsed time.



Plugin to check the instances of a named process on a remote Windows server.


Linux perl script reports max_files (soft) utilization percentage for a given process


This plugin checks how many users are logged in on a ProFTP FTP - Server. You can specify a warning and a critical limit. Checkable local or trough check_by_ssh or NRPE Update: Corrected perfdata output to make it compliant with Nagios Plugin Guidline sh-compliant script to check a specific process and its cpu/memory utilization (PNP Template included)


Check state of qpage service and queue.

check_raid_gmirror for FreeBSD Software RAID

Check the status of geom(4) gmirror(8) software RAID volumes on FreeBSD 5x and 6x.

check_raid_megarc AMI LSI Dell PowerEdge PERC4 SCSI RAI...

Check American Megatrends / LSI Logic / Dell PERC4 SCSI Hardware RAID Controller under FreeBSD by parsing the output of ports/sysutils/megarc

Check_Ram on Linux 32-bit and 64-bit systems

Checks the ram usage on the local machine, good for remote checks using nrpe. Works on 32-bit and 64-bit Linux systems.

This script outputs the percentage of free memory RAM and alerts (warning/critical) according to the specified thresholds.



This check command checks if a reboot are required after an upgrade. It will also list packages that requires a reboot to ease the decision for the sysadmin if/when a reboot needs to be carried out. OS Requirements: Debian and Ubuntu (or derivatives) ...



Check the status of a RHES Cluster installation by snmp. This check is deprecated by check_rhcsnmp and check_clustat from monitoringplug.


service check for linux systems.


Check a Rocks cluster for dead nodes


A constant thread - a security breach. This small plugin uses the capabilities of the "Rootkit Hunter", an open source solution downloadable from


Check if a file system is read-only by attempting to create a file



Checks the mount table for read-only mounts - these are usually a sign of trouble (broken filesystem etc.)

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