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Exchange 2010 Performance Counters

Current Version
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Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
File 1 Description
Activesync Counters
File 2 Description
Database Counters
File 3
File 3 Description
LDAP Counters
File 4 Description
Memory Counters
File 5 Description
Message Queue Counters
File 6
File 6 Description
RPC Counters
File 7 Description
Throttling Counters
File 8 Description
Cacti Template
Exchange 2010 Performance Counters
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Here are several scripts I put together to monitor various exchange 2010 performance counters. Activesync, Memory, Database, RPC, Message Queue, Throttling counters. A good start for getting a handle on Exchange 2010. Hope people can find this useful.

Link to template.

I use NS++ client on the exchange servers to interface with cacti.
The scripts are run by the cacti server to poll the NS++ client on exchange. The data returned by the scsripts is put into the cacti template.
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