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Wlsagent is a Nagios plugin which aims to provide JMX monitoring capabilities for WebLogic servers (9 & 10), whith the smallest possible memory footprint. Monitoring is achieved with simple HTTP requests, through the use of an embedded Jetty container. ...




This project is a Nagios plugin which aims to provide JMX monitoring capabilities for WebSphere servers (6.1, 7.0 & 8.0), with the smallest possible memory footprint. Nagios monitoring is achieved with simple HTTP requests, through the use of an embedd ...


Syabru Nagios JMX Plugin


Nagios JMX plugin to retrieve and monitor runtime data from Java VM's and other applications supporting JMX. The plugin supports Nagios performance data and operation invocation on MBeans for resetting statistical data or counters. It also supports regula ...


send_JMX_ActiveThread is a script which can be used to send active thread count of a jmx console through nsca(as passive checks).

/Category:Passive Checks

Nagios XI – How To Monitor JMX With Nagios XI


This document will cover how to monitor java application servers as well as how to configure check_jmx within Nagios® XI™ in order for users to be notified when java applications are not functioning properly. This document is intended for use by Nag ...

Nagios plugin for Alfresco


This package contains a Nagios Java plugin to check via JMX values to Alfresco Enterprise 3.2 and above. Contains more than 15 checks. It supports performance data to graph results of checks with pnp4nagios. More information: http://blyx.com


Monitoring JBoss AS6.x With check_jmx Plugin


This tutorial shows you how to monitore a jboss server jvm via jmx and Nagios.



The java program to check JMX and can be used with AppFirst collector to make one connection to JMX and get all the metrics at one time.


How To Monitor Jetty JMX With Nagios XI


This document will cover how to monitor Jetty JMX servers using the Jetty wizard and check_jvm.jar plugin within Nagios XI, so that users may be notified when Jetty applications are behaving unexpectedly. This document is intended for use by Nagios XI ...

check_tomcat (bash)


check_tomcat (plugin for Nagios) The 'check_tomcat' script is designed to monitor Apache Tomcat through JMX Proxy Servlet in combination with 'check_by_ssh' plugin. The first step is to ensure that the central Nagios server is able to connect to the re ...

/Category:Apache Tomcat



JMXEval is a really flexible plugin for monitoring Java applications using JMX. Instead of just checking just an attribute of an MBean, JMXEval allows you to query multiple MBean attributes as well as results of MBean method invocations, and also perform ...




check_jmx4perl check_jmx4perl is a Nagios Plugin for monitoring JEE Server via JMX. It uses an agent based approach where the plugin accesses a special servlet deployed on a JEE Server. check_jmx4perl has been tested on a multitude of JEE Servers.


Java JMX Nagios Plugin


This plugin is able to check a JMX plan. You're now able to use a scenario to check your web server. This plugin is inspired by the work of Travis Noll (http://yoolink.to/eG3)


Allows to check the health of Java applications through JMX. Includes checks for Heap Memory usage, Non-Heap Memory usage, usage of various memory pools, number of loaded classes, number of threads, number and time of Garbage Collector runs.


check_hbase_regionserver_jmx.pl (Advanced Nagios Plugin...


Nagios Plugin to parse metrics from a given HBase RegionServer's /jmx page

check_hadoop_namenode_jmx.pl (Advanced Nagios Plugins C...


Nagios Plugin to parse metrics from a given Hadoop NameNode's /jmx page

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