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Hadoop Blacklisted Nodes


This plug in checks the Hadoop Blacklisted Nodes from the the Job Tracker web UI page i.e. The plugin returns Critical alarm - if Not able to access the Job Tracker Status Page, Warning alarm - one or more node got black ...


Greenplum DCA SNMP Plugin


The DCA Nagios plug-in enables you to monitor the Greenplum Data Computing Appliance (DCA) and detect problems before and as they occur. The DCA Nagios plug-in leverages the DCA SNMP MIB that provides extensive information about the Greenplum DCA includin ...


check_zookeeper_znode.pl (Advanced Nagios Plugins Colle... Popular


Flexible ZooKeeper znode check, useful for HBase, SolrCloud, Hadoop NameNode HA & JobTracker HA ZKFC or any other ZooKeeper based service. Checks: 1. root znode ("/") exists ( we are successfully connected to ZooKeeper(s), tries all given ZooKeepers ...



Nagios plugin to check count of number of task trackers by parsing machines.jsp. Checked the script with different hadoop versions including CDH. The script is written in Ruby and makes use of nokogiri gem for parsing machines.jsp. Please install n ...


check_ibm_biginsights_service_details.pl [Hadoop] (Adva...


Checks IBM BigInsights Service Details via BigInsights Console REST API Supported Services: mr_summary - checks MapReduce service for runing state and dead JobTrackers mr_tasktrackers - checks MapReduce service for dead TaskTrackers fs_su ...

check_ibm_biginsights_services.pl [Hadoop] (Advanced Na...


Checks IBM BigInsights Hadoop Services (Map/Reduce, HDFS/GPFS, BigSQL, HBase etc) via BigInsights Console REST API Checks either a given service or all services managed by BigInsights Console. - Checks service Running - Checks service last check la ...

check_ibm_biginsights_hdfs_space.pl [Hadoop] (Advanced ...


Checks IBM BigInsights Hadoop HDFS Space Used % via BigInsights Console REST API

check_ibm_biginsights_dfs_path.pl [Hadoop] (Advanced Na...


Checks IBM BigInsights File/Directory on Hadoop HDFS or GPFS via BigInsights Console REST API Checks: - File/directory existence - check whether the given path is a file or directory Directory Checks: The following additional checks ...



Nagios plugin to check health of hdfs by parsing dfshealth.jsp. Checked the script with different hadoop versions including CDH.


check_hadoop_namenode_jmx.pl (Advanced Nagios Plugins C...


Nagios Plugin to parse metrics from a given Hadoop NameNode's /jmx page

check_hadoop_namenode.pl (Advanced Nagios Plugins Colle...


Various checks against the Hadoop HDFS Cluster via the Namenode JSP pages including NameNode Heap usage

check_hadoop_metrics.pl (Advanced Nagios Plugins Collec...


Checks metrics from a given Hadoop daemon's JMX /metrics page, supports JobTracker, TaskTracker, HBase Master & RegionServer


Checks the Metrics HTTP page of a Hadoop NameNode for a given performance metric.


check_hadoop_mapr_control_system.pl (Advanced Nagios Pl...


Checks MapR Control System information such as Service & Node health, MapR-FS Space Used %, Node count, Alarms, Failed Disks, Cluster Version & License, MapReduce statistics etc via the MCS REST API

check_hadoop_mapreduce_nodes_active.pl (Advanced Nagios...


Detects which MapReduce nodes aren't active in the JobTracker if given a node list - checks optional thresholds for the maximum number of missing nodes from the specified list (default 0 == CRITICAL on any missing, you may want to set these thresholds ...

check_hadoop_mapreduce_nodes.pl (Advanced Nagios Plugin...


Checks available MapReduce nodes and detect any Blacklisted nodes - any Blacklisted nodes raises Critical - checks optional thresholds for the minimum number of available MapReduce nodes available (default 0 == disabled)

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