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Insight Management Logs

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Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
  • Nagios 4.x
check_insight_log.shVersion 2.2 Script
check_insight_logsVersion 3.0 Script
check_insight_logsVersion 3.14 Script

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As the founder of Nagios, I'm asking for your help in a cause that's dear to my heart.

I'm launching a new project to help better the world by providing the information, ideas, and inspiration that I believe can improve the lives of people everywhere.

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Check the status of HP Insight Logs. This is a revision of Frank Baschin' plugin. It presents more helpful information and accurate status codes.
*** LATEST CHANGES: SNMP v3 checking supported, with improvements to code and error handling. Also simplified output some and added ability to pass long style options (--).

This plugin was designed to handle HP Insight Logs under any circumstance (whether or not they are cleared). It looks for the MOST RECENT messages that do not indicate "OK", and reports information and status as appropriate. It uses HP's status codes to determine CRITICAL/WARNING (the original plugin, for me, marked any unfixed entry as CRITICAL). If everything is okay, the plugin lets you know how many log entries you have, what the most recent one is, and of course encourages you to clear the logs :)

If you manage your Insight Logs very well, you should find this a handy companion! This plugin has been in a production environment for years, with a variety of Compaq/HP rack servers.

Usage for SNMP v1/2c:
check_insight_logs -H {host/IP} [-C {SNMP community}]

Usage for SNMP v3:
check_insight_logs -v 3 -H {host/IP} -u {user} -x {protocol} -X {password} -a {protocol} -A {password} -l {security mode}

Please look out for my other Compaq/HP plugin, check_insight_agents!