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byarun.tp, May 20, 2014
Thank you for the pluggin, pretty simple and easy to configure although i have an issue when i check if a file exists in aws s3 bucket, for

./check_aws_s3_file.pl --aws-access-key xxxxxxxxxxxxxx--aws-secret-key xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -b bucket-name -f file-name
i get the following output

OK: File does not exist: at ./check_aws_s3_file.pl line 145 .

but im sure the file exists in my aws-s3-bucket.
is there any specific syntax i should follow to give the file-name or bucket-name.

Thank you

First things first, Thanks for Check_AWS_CloudWatch_metrics Nagios Pluggin. The impementation and configuration was really quick and simple. It eased a lot of my work

This is the output I get

CloudWatch Metric: CPUUtilization, Average: 64.81, Maximum: 75.50, Minimum: 40.51 | metric_average=64.81 metric_maximum=75.50 metric_minimum=40.51

The only problem i had was to understanding the correctness of the output. When the pluggin says
CPUUtilization, Average: 64.81, Maximum: 75.50, Minimum: 40.51
Is it the average CPUUtilization, considering the CPU utilization of the past hour or the past day. Same in the case of Minimum and Maximum CPUUtilization. So if you could help me understand the output. it would be of great help to me